How Stadiums with My Sons Started

The Journey Begins!


So why would a shoe-loving, Bravo Housewives watching, wine-craving mother of twins want to write a blog about baseball stadiums?  Well.. because I’m also a mother to sports-loving little men.  And I’m a wife to a sports-loving husband.  And these sports-loving men are the loves of my life.

In honesty, while I would prefer to spend the day bonding over choosing the just-right nail color…that just isn’t going to happen with my crew.

Which leads us to one sunny Saturday in 2018, when my husband randomly proposed starting a tour of the MLB stadiums. He excitedly described seeing America while touring all the MLB Stadiums by the time my sons graduate high school in 2029.  And I  surprised myself when I heard myself saying “yes”.

Yes to this adventure with my family.  Yes to seeing America by anchoring our experiences in America’s pastime: baseball.  And yes to archiving our adventure while seeing my kids grow up.

And I’m actually excited, believe it or not.  My kids are good travelers, and open to new experiences.  So while my husband reads about different stadiums and researches the timelines of the actual travel, I am researching the surrounding areas and finding fun, family-friendly experiences that I can share with you!



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