Kid Friendly Trip to a Phillies Game

Our adventure begins at PNC park!

Family Friendly Tips for Phillies Game

We live in Baltimore. So when we decided to go on this MLB Family Tour, the easiest stadiums to visit were the closest. So our first stop was Citizens Bank Stadium: Home of the Philadephia Phillies.

Tip #1: Go Early!

Ashburn Alley opens 2 hours before the game. Entrance to Ashburn Alley is through the Left Field Gate. Fans will love the Allstar Walk and the bi-level bullpens on Memory Lane, but your kids will probably want to make a beeline for the Yard.

Tip #2: Take the Field at the Yard ***Kid Favorite***

By far, my kid’s favorite thing about the Phillies Game was the Citizen’s Bank Phan Field.   This a kid-sized baseball field complete with a smaller version of the Jumbo Tron.   For five pitches, my kids felt like all-stars, especially when their batting practice was broadcasted on the big screen! After batting, the boys took to the field to try their best at catching fly balls and grounders. Along the first base line is a dugout, which is a great photo-op.

TIP: Do this attraction first, the wait and line gets significantly longer as game time appoaches!

Tip #3: Try out the Yard Activities

My kids loved the Field, but the other Yard activities were really cool too.   The Hatfield Phanatic Hot Dog Launcher and Bullpen Speed Pitch were on the top of my kid’s lists. Don’t be scared of lines that look long! The staff is wonderful, and they keep the kids moving through the activities in a fair way.

We didn’t have time to do the 30-foot Phanatic Climbing Wall. But I would highly recommend getting in line using the MLB Ballpark app.  Click on the getting in line link to find information about the MLB app, a climbing waiver, and a way to bypass the line for the climbing wall.

Tip #4: Download the MLB Ballpark App ***Husband Recommended***

This app is amazing. It gives you great information about all the MLB parks, and it also gives you concourse information and food selections. At the Phillies Park, you can also fill in the Phanatic Climbing Wall Waiver and virtually get in line, a huge time-saver.

Tip #5: Special Game Highlights    

Once you are in your seats, two things will strike you right away. The first is the amazing Philadelphia Skyline which is the backdrop of the Jumbo Tron. It’s truly beautiful. The second thing you can’t miss is the Liberty Bell. Unfortunately during our game, the Phillies didn’t hit any homeruns. But I’m told that the bell lights up and sways when the home team hits a HR.

Citizens Bank Park had the most amazing kids area, wonderful staff and was easy to navigate. Hopefully you will enjoy this family-friendly park as much as we did! Check out our Philadelphia posts to find some of our favorite city attractions while you are in town!

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