Hi from Andrea!

Full Disclosure: I am a reluctant sports fan.   However, I truly love how much my twin boys love sports.  I adore how much they love being at games, cheering on their home team…but as for me…I’d be hard-pressed to tell you the names of three current players on either our hometown football or baseball team.  So… like I said, I’m a reluctant sports fan, but one who fiercely loves her sport-loving boy family.

In the summer of 2018, my husband suggested that we start a tour of the MLB Stadiums.  And I sighed.  Then I said “ok”… but I made him promise me that we would experience America, not just rush through cities trying to see games.  And so the Stadiums with My Sons Tour began, and we hope to visit all the MLB stadiums and their cities by the time my twin sons graduate high school.

Since baseball is seasonal, I also will be sharing some different lifestyle and travel content which you may find helpful, or just plain old amusing.  My twins can provide me with some pretty “amusing” life experiences to say the least.

Thank you for viewing and I hope that you find your adventures too!